In a Mediumship Demonstration you will receive insights on mediumship and sensitivity. Further I demonstrate on an experimental basis my mediumistic ability so you can experience how these gifts work in action. I will attempt to establish a contact between someone in the audience and a passed loved one or friend. I try to get as much evidence for you as possible. Evidence is to be considered i.e. as: description of the passed loved one, approximate age at pass-over, possible death cause, illness, relationship, character, personality, memories etc. Sometimes I receive information about a situation in your present life.

A mediumship demonstration shows you that your passed loved ones are still alive and are still interested in your life. They come to communicate with you because they love you, for no other reason. To receive communication from the spirit world can have a soothing effect on you, can give you courage and hope.

I thoroughly look forward to meeting you and sharing this experience of communication with the other worlds in a simple, respectful and honest manner.

At present I have no English spoken demonstrations planned. If you are interested in experiencing such an event, and know of three or more people that would join, I am more than happy to organise a location or to come to your centre or home.

Please contact me at 079 506 28 08 or e-mail