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Evidential Reading

An evidential reading experimentally peruses the goal of establishing contact and communication between you and your deceased loved ones.

Through my clair-sentience and clair-voyant awareness and the support of my spirit friends and helpers I provide as much evidence as possible about the deceased persons. Such as a physical description, approximate age, personality qualities, habits, relationship, possible cause of death, illness, etc.

Once you recognize who of your loved one is communication, more information comes through. Sometimes you get advice on current life situations or assistance in personal matters. A spirit contact can give you comfort, strength and hope. It can have a healing effect on the mourning process, or can help to clarify unspoken things. On the other hand, it gives you proves that your loved ones are still alive in the spirit world and are still interested in your life and support you on your path. I look forward to serving you and the spirit world with an open heart, sincerity, humbleness and responsibility.

Evidential Readings Testimonials
“I met Cristina twice now, both times for evidential readings on deceased loved ones. The first time with my mother and the second time with my husband. The sessions were very pleasant. Cristina has a wonderfully calm manner, with which she arranges the reading very well and very focused on the contacts. In both cases, the feedback that came across Cristina was very touching, authentic and its content so convincing that even the last doubter becomes aware that it could not be fantasy or fiction. A true enrichment for questions and issues that are still open after a death and very comforting. I can really recommend the sessions with Cristina. Thank you, dear Cristina for your great work!” 
KB 2018

Dear Cristina
It is up to me to thank you very much for the encounter with you, the deeply touching connection with my loved ones in the thereafter, who are now very close to me in the here thanks to you. Martin 2019

Appointments in person at Badenerstrasse 21, 7th floor, 8953 Dietikon, Switzerland
Contribution: SwissFrancs 150

Appointments  by videoconferencing
Zoom  | FaceTime (iPhone)  |  WhatsApp | Telegram
Contribution: SwissFrancs 130

Reading can be given in German or Italian.

If you wish, the reading can be recorded.

Interested? Please write an e-mail

Preparations before the reading

Please be aware that establishing a contact with a loved one or friend passed to the spirit world is always an experiment. Consider the following information:

  • Do not give me any details about yourself and your loved ones prior the appointment.
  • Think of your loved once and friends and ask them to participate to the upcoming meeting.
  • Be however conscious that we (that means you and me) cannot determine whom of your loved ones will want to communicate.
  • As a medium I mediate between you and your loved ones and I can only give you what I receive. In order to assist the energy flow of the reading, it is helpful if you respond to me with, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or ‘I’m not sure’ or ‘I do not know’. At the end of the reading you will have the possibility to give me further explanations.
  • Please note that neither I nor your loved ones are fortune-tellers. They can provide guidance, different views, or support you in a decision making process, but they cannot make decision for you.
  • Sometimes they give information that needs to be veryfied later. If these information turn out to be correct, than you have a so called double evidence of their presence.
  • Attend the reading with an open mind and heart and a benevolent attitude.
  • High expectations or skepticism impede the energy flow, however I can work very well with positive curiosity.
  • Value the information obtained during the reading not as mandatory or only determinant, but decide with self-responsibility on its use.