Spirit Coaching

A Spirit Coaching is about you, the emotional, mental and spiritual being you are. I tune into the colours and energies of your auric field and translate the information I receive into words for you. I respond to questions you may have and will give you sincere feedback on my perceptions. Often I am supported by my and your spirit friends and helpers during the reading. This reading serves you as an spirit assessment. It can give you different perspectives, insights or confirmation about things you already knew deep inside. It may inspire you, strengthen and empower you to walk your path with confidence, awareness and trust.

Appointments in person at Badenerstrasse 21, 7th floor, 8953 Dietikon, Switzerland
Contribution: CHF 150.00 in Dietikon

Appointments  by videoconferencing
Skype (Cristina Teot) | FaceTime (iPhone)  |  WhatsApp  |   DUO   |  Viber    |   IMO  |  Zoom
Contribution: CHF 120.00 

Reading can be given in German or Italian.

If you wish, the reading can be recorded.

Interested? Please write an e-mail

Preparation on your part

You can meet me with no special preparation on your side and just let yourself be surprised. Or you reflect in advance on which questions or issues you would like to hear something.
Please note that I am not a fortune-teller. I can provide different views or support you in a decision process, but I cannot make decision for you. Come with an open mind and heart and a benevolent attitude to me. High expectations or skepticism impede the energy flow, however I can work very well with positive curiosity. Value the information obtained during the reading not as mandatory or only determinant, but decide with self-responsibility on its use