Videos Egypt

This is a compilation of several videos I made on the Journey through the
Heart and Soul of Egypt in November 2019.

Get to know the Tour Manager Akram and myself.
Find out and feel what the journey will be about.

Recorded on 19th July 2019
Bilingual talk – English and German

Our first Journey through the Heart and Soul of Egypt in November 2019

Spiritual, Multidimensional and Transformational Journey. 
Are you at a point on your spiritual journey, where you feel you have done quite a bit of work on yourself? Meditation, awareness, sensitivity and multidimensionality are nothing foreign to you? Do you feel being at point of your inner journey where you wish to move to a whole new and different level in whatever your endeavors are? Are you willing to engage in mystical and magical experiences? To receive universal love from the heart and soul of ancient Egypt?
During thisjourney we visit ancient temples through the literally multidimensional land of Egypt and will experience private visitations between the paws of the Sphinx, in the Temple of Isis and in the Great Pyramid of Giza. We sail on the Nile, can relax and let our soul absorb its power and energy. We will have time to talk about our multi-dimensional experiences, our perceptions and experiences, to exchange ideas and thus gain more confidence in our own intuition and perception. Every single place we visit has the potential for inner activation and elevation of your spiritual and perceptual power and your multi-dimensionality.
Join me and the the team of Soul of Egypt Travel on this extraordinary life changing journey.

Find out why I am calling this journey spiritual, multidimensional and transformational.
The intent of this tour is to experience Egypt from a spiritual and multidimensional point of view. It is about feeling the ancient land and history of Egypt. We will approach each site and temple in a meditative manner so we are able to perceive though our subtle senses.
I hope you will join me on this truly transformational journey through the Heart and Soul of Egypt.

Join me on my visit to Sakkara and the Serapeum. One of the many sites we will visit on our Journey through the Heart and Soul of Egypt.