MariaCristina Teot

July 2023

I was born 1966 in Schwyz, Switzerland. I am married and mother of two adult children. After many years working as a Personal Assistant in the business world, I decided in 2010 to follow my path as a Medium.

Since childhood I have been sensitive. As a girl and young woman I learnt to hide or ignore the „things“ I used to feel, see and perceive around people. Nevertheless lives’ experience always challenged me to look closer: To search for the meaning of life and the values of existence itself, to investigate and experiment on proving the existence of life after physical death, to prove that communication between the “seen” and the “unseen” world of spirit is possible.

Mid twenties I went through a profound crises and made decisions which changed my life dramatically. During that phase of my life I met a wonderful English Medium whom I followed for thirteen years. Through and thanks to her I gained vast knowledge and experiences on mediumship. Furthermore, a well-grounded and -founded training on how to handle and deal with mediumistic and psychic abilities.

Thanks to my multilingualism I was given great opportunities to work as an interpreter for different British Mediums over a time span of eight years. I interpreted seminars, lectures, public demonstrations and private readings in Switzerland, Italy and Great Britain. During this time my own mediumistic experiences increased and my knowledge on the subjects expanded. By studying and reading about mediumship, spiritualism, different philosophies and more, I continued deepening, expanding and searching for my answers and my truth.

Sharing this knowledge and my experiences with you is a great pleasure and joy.

Until we meet in person, may Love & Light be with you, always.

MariaCristina Teot