Journey through the
Heart and Soul
of Egypt

7 – 20 October 2023

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facilitated by multidimensional travel guide and
organised through
Tour Manager Akram Farouk

Heart and Soul of Egypt

Itinerary for October 2023
Arrival 7th October | Departure 20th

During this 14-day journey[1] through the literally multidimensional land of Egypt we visit ancient, energetically high vibrational temple sites. We sail on the Nile on a small sailboat, a Dahabeya. We relax and absorb its power and energy into our soul. We have time to talk and share our multidimensional experiences, our perceptions and experiences, to exchange ideas and thus gain more confidence in our own intuition and perception. Every single site we visit bears the potential for inner activation and elevation of your energetic, spiritual and perceptual power and your multidimensionality. With the Grand Finale, the private visit of the Kings Chamber in of Great Pyramidwe will close this energetically transformational journey.
[1] Changes on itinerary reserved.

Day One of our transformational journey begins with the individual arrival to Cairo. At 6 pm Maria Cristina Teot and Akram Farouk, Tour Manager and his team will officially welcome you.

The Second day of our energetic, multidimensional activation journey is dedicated to visiting Sakkara. To feel the amazing energy in the underground Serapeum with its huge sarcophagi. We explore the Step Pyramid complex with its sound healing frequency temples. And maybe we can go into the newly opened tomb of King Djoser.

Cristina Teot standing in front of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara
Paws of the Sphinx

Third day is dedicated to the Giza Plateau, the Sphinx and the Pyramids. We will explore and feel the grounds around the three pyramids. Meeting the Sphinx eye to eye is kind of a special moment.

Forth day in the morning we fly to Luxor and check in at the Hotel Sonesta St. George right on the Nile.
After Lunch we will visit the majestic Karnak Temple complex. If we are lucky, we will also be able to meet the Goddess Sekhmet. This is a real treat. The lion head goddess statue is living in the same spot for over 3000 years. Experiencing Luxor Temple at night will make our day.

Godess Sekhmet Karnak
Hatshepsut Tempel

Early morning on day Five  we drive to the West Bank to catch the sunrise at Hatshepsut Temple.  Hatshepsut was one of two female Egyptian Pharos. Thereafter, we make our way to the workers village in Deir El-Medina. The ruins of this village give us an impression on the ancient Egyptian lifestyle. The tomb of foreman Sennedjem, an ancient artist and architect is very well preserved. Lastly we will visit the Valley of the Queens.

Hathor Tempel Dendera

Day Six is dedicated to the Goddess Hathor. After about one and a half hours drive, we enter the magnificent Temple of Dendera. The joyful, happy, creative energy of Hathor is very perceivable here. Also, the Temple’s reliefs are all about astronomy and astrology. This temple connects you to heaven on earth and bares a lot of information on astronomy and astrology.

Day Seven we will board our private Dahabeya for the next 5 nights. We start sailing the Nile towards the locks in Esna and continue to Edfu. We can relax and maybe even swim in the Nile to feel its power and tenderness on our skin.

Horus Temple Edfu

Day Eight  we stop in Edfu to experience the second largest temple in Egypt, Edfu Temple. Dedicated to the Falcon headed God Horus, son of Osiris and Isis, who defeated his “evil” uncle Seth. Later on in the day, we can stop at Kom Ombo where the Temple of Horus and Sobek show us the balancing of the polarities. This is the only temple in Egypt dedicated to two Gods.

On the Nile

Day Nine   is your free day to relax and enjoy while we sail towards Assuan. We get spoilt by our crew with delicious food and drinks. We can sit together, share our experiences or simply sit on the deck and gaze over the water and landscapes along the Nile. 

Assuan Dunes

Day Ten   we arrive in Assuan and have time to feel the atmosphere. We visit a Nubian market or can enjoy a Felucca ride through the cataracts of the Nile.

Isis Temple Philae

Day Eleven   in the morning we make our way to the amazing feminine Isis Temple located on the island of Philae. This temple holds energetically speaking a subtle but potent female energy and is one of the highlights of our journey

Day Twelve   Flying back to Cairo in the morning, checking in our hotel for the last two nights. In the evening, energetically speaking, we will have our Grand Finale with the private visitation within the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. This symbolizes the “last” activation point of our truly transformative journey

Pyramid of Giza
Khan el Khalili

Day Thirteen   we can sleep in and integrate our experiences of being inside the Pyramid. Depending on desires and needs, we can visit the Bazar Khan el Kalili or/and Old Cairo.
Officially ending our Journey through the Heart and Soul of Egypt with a closing circle and a quite farewell dinner

Of course, if you want to stay longer or arrive a few days before we are happy to support you in booking additional nights.

[1]Changes on itinerary reserved.

Download detailed Itinerary and registration form

Who are we?

Foto Cristina Teot in front of Hatschepsut Tempel November 2019
Maria Cristina at Hatschepsut Tempel in November 2019

Maria Cristina is a Psychic Medium and the multidimensional moderator and initiator of this journey. She herself experienced a transformative group trip through the Heart and the Soul of Egypt. Maria Cristina fell in love with ancient and modern Egypt, with its literal multidimensionality, the power and vibrations of the land, the warmth and hospitality of the Egyptians. Within days of returning home, she contacted Akram Farouk and decided to share and offer her unforgettable and transforming travel experiences with others by facilitating such journeys and retreats.
Since her first visit to Egypt in October 2018, Maria Cristina visited Egypt in December 18 for 5 days, in February 19 for 15 days, in November 19 for 21 days and lived in Giza from January till March 2020 in nearest proximity of the Pyramids. 

With Akram Farouk, Tour Manager we can be sure that everything will be taken care of. All transport, accommodation, food and water, temple entries and further logistical, organizational matters will be handled. He is warm hearted, very experienced, and professional in guiding spiritual groups through his Egypt. He is a magician in navigating us through the sometime huge temple sites, making sure we are guarded and getting the space we need to feel the energies. His presence, even from a far, always gives reassurance, makes us feel safe.

Mr. Akram Farouk
Akram Farouk, Tour Manager

An Egyptologist, on the other hand, will be guiding us through the history of ancient and modern Egypt with his expertise and profound knowledge. His experience and love in guiding people on spiritual journeys through his homeland, sharing his insights is precious and will support us in understanding the many mystical and magical places we will visit.

And in the background is the operations team, whom skilfully and with much love manage operational and administrative matters.

As participants, we can fully relax and enjoy the extraordinary and life-changing journey of our life.

If you’ve read this far and your heart is beating higher, your thoughts
are racing with curiosity, then maybe you hear

Egypt calling you HOME

Useful information

Individual time and space to feel and integrate the experiences are planned daily. We call it “Feel Egypt Time”, where you allow yourself to integrate and activate the energy through all of your subtle and multidimensional bodies.

Energetically, each site will give you exactly what you need for your soul, your heart, your spiritual and multi-dimensional journey as well as for your projects and endeavors.

As a group, we meet regularly to meditate and to share our experiences. For Cristina the sharing is essential, as it supports the integration and activation. It also reinforces your own awareness and perceptions when listening to someone else’s experience.

As a Medium, Cristina will be available for individual time to each participant on sensitive, mediumistic and multi-dimensional aspects related to the journey. If desired, sensitivity and perception exercises are given, so you can train and trust your own intuitions and awareness. 

What we offer

more than comfortable, planned with immense love to details and smoothly organized journey through the heart and soul of Egypt.

We want you to feel, experience and taste the ancient and modern Egypt on many different levels and on its many different power places. We want you to feel at home, taken care of and looked after. Not by chance the Egyptians say

Welcome Home!

Egypt speaks a universal, ancient energetic language. It speaks in frequencies, vibrations, energy. It speaks through the rocks, stones, the buildings and temples and the people straight into your true Heart, into the essence of your soul.

Egypt touches you, moves you, wakes you, opens you up….. if you are ready to – like Akram says:

Feel Egypt

We want you to have time to feel Egypt, we also want you to have time to relax, to regenerate and to enjoy. 

We, Maria Cristina and Akram, both sensitive and perceptive,
accompany and support you before, during and after the journey. 

We hold space for you and we travel as one!

Cristina Teot and Akram Farouk

Maria Cristina Teot & Akram Farouk

+41 79 506 28 08   |

7th to 20th October 2023 – Registration deadline 7th September 2023

The price[1] in Swiss Francs of this unforgettable trip  – We have only 6 spaces!

Twin bed room                         CHF 5’850.-
Single room*                             CHF 6’650.-
*single room only in hotels – sailing boat has no single rooms available. 

Deposit Payment: 50 % after registration
CHF 1000.- of the payment is non-refundable

Final Payment 60 days prior journey.
If you register after the 7th Sept 2023, the entire amount is due.

Included in the price

  • 13 nights accommodation
    5 nights in Giza middle class hotel
    3 nights in Luxor Hotel Sonesta St. Georg, 5-star hotel
    5 nights on private sailing boat
  • Arrival and departure transfers to and from the airport
  • Private Visitation Great Pyramid
  • meals incl. water (without soft or other drinks) according to the daily program
  • 2 domestic flights: Cairo – Luxor, Assuan – Cairo
  • On the boat: water, snacks, tea & coffee, fruits, internet Wi-Fi
  • All excursions, luxury car trips and minibus rides including free water on board
  • All entries to the temples

Not included

  • International flights to and from Cairo
  • Egyptian visa to be paid in cash on arrival at the airport in Cairo USD 25.- 
  • Travel, health and cancellation insurance costs
  • Accommodation costs for additional nights before or after the trip
  • Private session with Cristina CHF 150.-
  • Cost related to Corona PCR tests
  • Individual purchases
  • Wages for Tour Guide (Egyptologist) & Tour Manager. Baksheesh is a form of appreciation and gratitude towards the provided services.
  • Tipping (Baksheesh) for drivers, representatives, hotel employees, porters, boat’s crew, safetyofficers etc.
  • Entry requirements to Egypt 
    Any requirements due to Covid will be communicated on time

[1] Price adjustment of plus or minus 10% reserved

Last update 30 November 2022